Fresh food

VISSAN does not only meet hygiene standards, sufficiently provide fresh meat for the needs of HCMC and the country but also to export to neighboring countries.

The Company has invested in modern equipment, closed-loop technology, including:

  • An inventory area with a capacity of 10,000 pigs and 4,000 cows.
  • 03 pig slaughter lines with a capacity of 2,400 heads/shift (6 hours).
  • 02 cattle slaughter lines with a capacity of 300 heads/shift (6 hours).
  • A cold storage system with different heat levels, a capacity of 2,000 tons, sufficiently meeting the requirements of production and business.
  • VISSAN Binh Thuan Farming Enterprise with advance equipment and modern techniques, a production capacity of 2,500 breeding sows and 40,000 pigs/year.