Chicken Food health and safety, sanitation

Chicken is the meat of the chicken. This is a common bird food in the world, are processed and used in various ways in order to meet consumer demand from customers, VISSAN has launched a full range of chicken products category, help consumers easily select the song for their families fresh meat, quality assurance, the appropriate price for processing into food delicious and nutritious meals for the family. For chicken meat, VISSAN always give strict criteria captivity during slaughter and distribution to consumers, request:

Source material: The chicks were carefully selected from the farming households under a closed process and VISSAN safe transfer. Chicken into chicken slaughter must be healthy, absolutely no pathogens. After slaughter, chickens are state agencies veterinary inspection stamp put on the market before consumption.

Control System: Chickens always be controlled from the stage captivity until slaughter by veterinary agencies HCMC.

The process of slaughtering, dressing and chicken preservation: always be under the strict control of the Veterinary Department of HCMC. Chicken meat is distributed to the retail system in cool temperatures to ensure the best conditions of hygiene products, to help consumers buy quality products.

Distribution system: VISSAN's chicken mainly distributed in VISSAN stores chain in HCMC.