Beef Food health and safety, sanitation

Currently, the VISSAN company mainly sells goods imported Australian beef, which is beef products quality and safety of health with high criteria:

Source material: Cows are fully imported from Australia, a country of high safety standards in terms of epidemiology, there is no disease in cattle. In particular, group selection VISSAN heifers not yet fattened for slaughter conducted with the following advantages: lean meat suitable for human consumption Vietnam, while ensuring the meat is medium softness.

Control System: Australian beef imported to Vietnam always be controlled from the stage until slaughter captive by the Veterinary Department, Ho Chi Minh City Veterinary Center and local Veterinary Department. Besides, Australian beef imports are controlled by electronic chip devices mounted in the ear. VISSAN scanner equipped to traceability of each cow through a new electronic chip.

VISSAN slaughter line: 2 independent inspection agency inspection and licensing of slaughter at the request of the Australian Government. To the present time, the Australian cattle slaughter line VISSAN the most modern lines Vietnam.

The process of slaughtering, dressing and storage of beef in Australia: always be under the strict control of the Veterinary Department of HCMC. Australian beef was distributed to retail outlets in cool temperatures to ensure the best conditions of hygiene products, to help consumers buy quality products.

Distribution System: Beef Australia of VISSAN be distributed in all the supermarkets SatraMart, Satrafoods, CoopMart, Coopfood, Vinatex, Maximark and VISSAN stores chain in HCMC.