• Fried sticky rice
    Fried sticky rice
    Tasty, attractive, suitable for banquets, meetings
    Fried sticky rice
    • Packed: 500grs
    • Ingredients: Glutinous rice, mung beans, coconut rice, cooking oil, sugar, salt..
    • Direction for use: For external temperature for 30 minutes, cut slices 5-7mm thick, boiling oil, drop slices into the frying (submerged oil products), slice away the oil floats on the flip side, and the sheep until golden brown, remove and drain the oil and serve hot. If the end user does not have to store in the freezer.
    • Direction for preserve: Stored in -18°C freezer.
  • Beef silk rolls special
    Beef silk rolls special
    Food indispensable parties, holidays of every Vietnamese family.
    Beef silk rolls special
  • Fresh Sausage
    Fresh Sausage
    New Year's gift familiar every spring time.
    Fresh Sausage
    • Packed: 200grs, 500grs.
    • Ingredients: Lean pork, pork fat, sugar, salt, wine, dried gut, flavor enhancer (621), synthetic food color Ponceau 4R (124), preservative (251).
    • Direction for use: Grilled, fried, steamed.
    • Direction for preserve: temperatures from 0°C to 4°C .