Brand name

On November 20th, 1970 "Tan Tien Thanh Slaughterhouse", now is VISSAN, was constructed with the mission to explore cattle slaughtering and meat processing industry in the South of Vietnam. So far, VISSAN have restructured its operation for many times and its official name has been changed accordingly.

After several changes, VISSAN’s name is attached to the image of "Three yellow apricot flowers", forming a triangle on the red background, a solid shape accompanying the Company through many ups and downs, and has become a popular, reliable brand name, rooted deeply in the Vietnamese consumer’s mind until today.

In the context of the world economic integration, innovation is a mandatory requirement for the Company to adapt to the new business environment, strengthen the Brand name of "VISSAN – THREE YELLOW APRICOT FLOWERS" to be worthy of the community’s trust, the pride of a Vietnamese brand of the City and the country.

The structure of the "Three Apricot Flowers" in the inscribed circle of a triangle illustrates the development of a solid, safety and good quality meat industry, for the interests of the community as well as the sustainable development with 8 core values specified in the brand identity system.

For the community’ interests, the slogan "Vitality Everyday" has been selected for VISSAN’s operation. This is the message; the commitment of the Company for its responsibility of each product to bring health to the community, contribute to the development of meat processing industry in Vietnam. It is the vitality, the desire of a group with more than 45 years of development to create a strong brand name in the context of integration.