Production system development

VISSAN Meat Processing Industrial Cluster in Ben Luc (Long An)

VISSAN Meat Processing Industrial Cluster is a closed-loop industrial food processing cluster with cattle, poultry, waterfowl slaughtering system, food processing chains, infrastructure for services such as warehouse, freezing system, cold storage, cool storage, dry storage, auxiliary facilities such as food packaging and animal byproduct processing workshops.

This is the country’s largest meat processing cluster and was the first one built in the closed-loop model. It is also a high-tech cluster with the management mode of ‘a safe food chain from the farm to the dining table’, representing a new development, a breakthrough in the 44 years of cattle slaughtering and meat processing industry.


VISSAN Meat Processing Industrial Cluster has an area of 22.4ha, located in village 3 Binh Luong commune, Ben Luc district, Long An province. It’s 40km from the center of the city, located on the Provincial Road 830 (planned to be expanded to ring road 4), bordered to HCMC - Trung Luong highway, Vam Co Dong river, thus, it’s convenient in terms of waterway transport.

Objectives, project size

Phase 1:
Invest a complete system of cattle, poultry slaughtering and food processing, including:
• Pig slaughter line with a capacity of 360 heads/hour;
• Cow slaughter line with a capacity of 60 heads/hour;
• Poultry slaughter line with a capacity of 2,000 heads/hour;
• Food processing line with a total capacity of 75,000 tons/year;
• Freezing, frozen storage system;
• Wastewater treatment system;
• By product processing factories.

Phase 2:
Construct byproduct processing workshops and expand high-end food business with products of high added value, construct the wastewater treatment system - phase 2.

Output: By 2020, annual capacity:
• Pork: 60,000 tons;
• Cow and buffalo meat: 21,000 tons;
• Chicken, duck: 6,000 tons;
• Processed food: over 100,000 tons.

Technological process
The cluster will be arranged in accordance with ISO, HACCP and other standards of food hygiene and safety.

Slaughter and processing device will be applied with advanced technologies in accordance with the local context.

A wastewater treatment plant will be invested together with tree planting to protect the landscape, environment and ensure environmental hygiene as prescribed by the State regulations.

Total investment
Estimated total investment for the Cluster is 150 million USD. Estimated investment for the period 2011 - 2015 is 150 million USD.

Processing plant at Tien Son Industry Zone (Bac Ninh provence)