Overview about VISSAN

VISSAN Joint Stock Company is one of leading business corporations in Vietnam. Originally founded on November 20, 1970 and went into operation on May 18, 1974, VISSAN proudly becomes one of the top nationally recognized food manufacturers in processing, and trading of fresh meat, processed foods, related – meat products. In order to satisfy the domestic market's demand, we have also imported a great deal of qualified Australia beef.

Together with the headquarter office located in 420 No Trang Long Street, Ward 13, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City, there are eight VISSAN affiliated enterprises:

  1. Meat Processing Enterprise in Ho Chi Minh City with a capacity of 3,000 tons per year,
  2. Food Processing Enterprise in Tien Son IP-Bac Ninh province, capable of producing 3,000 tons of various products per year and is operating under the management of VISSAN’s Hanoi branch,
  3. VISSAN Binh Duong Pig Farming Enterprise capable of producing 2,500 breeding sows and 40,000 commercial hogs per year,
  4. Hanoi Branch produces and trades in the Northern markets,
  5. Da Nang Branch trades in the Central and Highland,
  6. Cambodia Representative Office.

For sustainable development, VISSAN is always open in cooperation with organizations and individuals not only local but also international in production and export of livestock, poultry meat and processing foods.